Greenhouse Installation in North Lancing

Here’s an installation of a Robinsons Regent 6’5 x 8’8 greenhouse in Old Cottage Green we installed for a customer in North Lancing, West Sussex. This building features Internal roof shading blinds and slatted staging in a matching colour.

  • 6’5 x 8’8 Robinsons Regent greenhouse Installation in North Lancing
  • Internal roof shading blinds
  • Slatted staging in a matching colour
  • Toughened glass as standard
  • Installed by Cousins Installers
  • Concrete Base Installed by Cousins Recommended Builders

Here is the photo we took on the initial survey, you can see that the area isn’t being used at all and is pretty much unusable due to the slope.
Harris Before
We dug out 2 tree roots and laid a concrete plinth for the greenhouse to sit on.
Harris Robinsons Regent Installation
Our installers fitted internal blinds to this greenhouse as well to the south facing side to help control the temperature inside the greenhouse.
Harris After