How to prepare your greenhouse for severe winds

How to prepare your greenhouse for severe winds

Strong winds will make their way across the UK overnight tonight bringing some very wet and windy conditions. It looks as though the high winds, from storm Barney, may cause some significant damage over night and into tomorrow morning.

How to prepare your greenhouse for strong winds

Your greenhouse is vulnerable to wind, whether new or old, so here are a few tips to help you prepare Barney:

Check your greenhouse all over. Is everything in place as it should be? Now is the time to tighten any loose nuts or screws, replace any missing glazing clips and generally check that everything is safe and secure. If any roof vents have slid out of line, then these should be re-aligned so that they fit nicely.

Close all the vents and doors. If you have auto-vents, then you may wish to tie your vents shut with string or wire just for the storm (remember to untie them afterwards so that the auto-vents can open) If your door has a lock, lock it. If not, prop it shut with a brick or bucket filled with water to stop the wind blowing it open.

If for any reason your greenhouse has a missing pane of glass, then it is a good idea to block the hole for the duration of the storm so that the wind can’t get in the greenhouse – even something as simple as an old blanket or towel with clothes pegs can stop the wind getting into the greenhouse as a a temporary measure.

It is also vital that your greenhouse is anchored down to the floor or base. If your greenhouse has only a few anchoring points or you are worried about the soundness of the base itself then it may be a good idea to weigh the greenhouse down to provide anchorage by placing paving slabs or sandbags over one of the bottom flanges of the greenhouse cill.

If your greenhouse happens to be in a half built state, then it is also vital that it is weighed down by sandbags or slabs at the bottom if you haven’t had chance to anchor it down yet.

Other items in your garden are also vulnerable: plastic furniture should be put away or weighed down and trampolines would also benefit from being weighed down at the bottom.