Regency Monte Carlo Summerhouse Installation

Here’s a Regency Monte Carlo Summerhouse we installed for a customer in Southwater, West Sussex. This particular installation features a heavy duty floor and roof and a felt tiles. The main building is finished in Golden Oak and the doors are hand painted in white.

  • Regency Monte Carlo in Deluxe 10’ x 10’
  • Finished in Golden Oak
  • White hand painted doors
  • Installed by Cousins Installers
  • Cross braced framing 50mm x 50mm
  • Hand painted white doors
  • Heavy duty black Square Felt Tiles
  • Base installed by Cousins own contractor

De Salis Base Inspection

De Salis Before Construction Began

De Salis Door Position and Base Plan

De Salis Southwater Summerhouse Finished

De Salis Southwater Swimming Pool House Finished