Regency Notton Shed Installation in Horsham

Here’s a Regency Notton Shed that we recently installed for a customer in Horsham, West Sussex. This project involved the take down removal of the old garden building and allowing for lower windows on the low side of the new building as well as making the doors on the low side 7’ from one end and 4’6” from other.

  • Regency Notton Shed 14’ x 8’ in Softwood Installation in Horsham
  • Windows Low Side – Non Standard Position – Designed by customer
  • Doors Low Side – Non Standard Position 7’ from one end, 4’6” from other
  • Extra height on back panel only to increase pitch to roo
  • Installed by Cousins Installers
  • Toughened glass as standard
  • Timber Base Construction by Cousins own contractor
  • Base installed by Cousins own contractor

Mead 13x8 Notton Pent TBase

Mead Garden Building Survey Image

Mead Survey Old Shed