Regency Security Apex 8×8 in 12mm Softwood

Here’s an installation of 8 x 8 Regency Security Apex that we installed for a customer in Southwick, West Sussex. The Security Apex features high level toughened glass safety windows and a security lock cover with heavy bolted hinges.

  • Regency Security Apex 8×8 in 12mm Softwood
  • 12mm Softwood
  • Toughened glass safety windows
  • 50x50mm framing & 38x50mm framing
  • Timber Roof and Floor, No Chipboard!
  • Pressure Treated timber frame
  • Installed by Cousins Installers
  • Concrete Base Installed by Cousins Recommended Builders

Upon our initial survey we encountered this cedarwood shed, which had done well but wasn’t going to last much longer.

Bysh Old Shed

The Security Apex comes complete with security features as shown below.

Door showing security features

The Security Windows are designed to let light in but not any would be burglars! (Even the skinniest person wouldn’t fit through those)

Security Windows viewed from the side

We fitted a Cousins Easy Base as the existing concrete wasn’t level enough for the new shed.

Timber Base onto Concrete

As a final shot this shows how the new shed really fits in well to the customers garden.

View from Entrance to garden