Regency Security Pent Shed Installation in Horsham

Here’s a Regency Security Pent Shed we installed for a customer in Horsham, West Sussex. This was a bespoke made building due the rather tight space that we had to fit in to. As well as designing the exact size building for the space allowed the customer opted for wide opening double security doors which feature a security lock cover and heavy duty bolt hinges.

  • Regency Security Pent 7’8” wide inc roof overhang x 7’ deep
  • Height at Rear 5’6″ To fit below gas flue
  • Height at Front 6′ To fit below gas flue
  • Installed by Cousins Installers
  • Cross braced framing 50mm x 50mm
  • Double opening security doors
  • Heavy duty bolt hinges
  • Security lock cover
  • Heavy duty polyester roofing felt
  • Installed on to customer pre-prepared decking

7x7 Security Pent Shed Installed in Horsham

Powell Before the Garden Building was Built