Summerhouse Installation Ewhurst, Surrey

Here’s a recent 10 x 8 Regency Monte Carlo summerhouse and 6 x 3 Tall Store storage building we installed for a customer in Ewhurst, Surrey.

As you will see from the pictures this was a unique installation as the buildings were installed on to a rather deep reinforced concrete base and situated next to a swimming pool so that they summerhouse could be used as a changing room and the tall store as a pump house.

The buildings were finished in deal 12mm cladding with heavy duty flooring and black felt roof tiles.

  • 10 x 8 Regency Monte Carlo Summerhouse
  • 6 x 3 Tall Store
  • Featuring heavy duty flooring
  • Black roof tiles
  • Base installed by Cousins own contractor

Monte Carlo Summer House Installation

Monte Carlo Summer House

Pool House and Pump Room

Swimming Pool House

Reinforced Concrete Base by Cousins

Deep Concrete Base for Pool House