12×8 Cousins Super Apex Shed Installation

Here’s an installation of 12×8 Cousins Super Apex shed we installed for a local Nursery. The Cousins Super Apex shed features 12mm softwood, perspex safety windows and was installed on to a pressure treated timber base which was leveled on to an existing concrete base.

  • 12×8 Cousins Super Apex
  • 12mm Softwood
  • Timber Base 50mm x 75mm Levelled onto existing concrete
  • Old Shed Removed
  • Perspex Windows for Safety
  • Good Quality Felted Roof
  • Timber Roof and Floor, No Chipboard!
  • Installed by Cousins Installers
  • Concrete Base Installed by Cousins Recommended Builders

We installed this shed onto a Cousins Easybase due to the existing concrete being out of level but solid. You can also see the double door upgrade applied to the shed to allow much easier access into the building.
Completed Shed Front View on Timber Base

There are windows on the shed, they are the other side due to safety of the children. The roofing felt used on this building is a heavy duty polyester felt.
Completed Shed Side View on Timber Base

We removed the old shed and this was the concrete base that was left. It was uneven so we advised fitting a Cousins Easybase.
Concrete Area after old Shed taken down

This is the old shed that was in place before we came along and removed it! Read more about our garden building removal service.
Old 12x9 Shed