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Balmoral Log Cabin Installation in Bognor Regis

Here’s an installation of our Balmoral Log Cabin (10′ x 12′) for a customer in Bognor Regis, West Sussex. This building features double glazing so can be used as a garden office or studio all year round.

Woodlands Balmoral Log Cabin 10’ x 12’ in 44mm Logs
Double glazed Windows
Installed by Cousins Installers
Concrete Base Installed by Cousins Recommended Builders

Here is a photo the very happy customer sent us once completed!


Balmoral Log Cabin Completed - Banks

This photo shows the completed concrete base ready for installation.

Base Complete - Banks

This is the initial photo from the site visit.

Base Location Inspection - Banks

Another photo of the completed cabin. The georgian doors and windows are double glazed and the cabin itself features 44mm thick logs.

Log Cabin Completed - Banks

Another view of the completed patio area that our recommended builder laid.

New Patio Complete - Banks

Here is a site visit photo of the customers original much smaller patio area.

Picture of Old Patio - Banks

The completed base ready for Cabin.

Tree Removed - Banks

A view from upstairs shows the felted roof.

Woodlands Log Cabin Completed - Banks

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