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Beware of Doorstep Callers in Horsham

This week we welcomed a couple from the Horsham area in to our showcentre to discuss quoting them for a new porche. We were alarmed to hear that they had recently been quoted £19,000 by another “company” and upon further investigation discovered that this “quote” was actually from a guy who had simply knocked at their door to see if they were considering doing any work on their house.

doorstep callers

So we decided to put together a short blog post to warn people of the dangers of entering in to any type of diaglogue with a doorstep caller.

Upon further investigation we discovered that West Sussex County Council have put together this handy guide explaining exactly what to do if you are unfortunate enough to come in to contact with these unscrupulous people.

It’s a really useful guide that describes exactly what a doorstep caller is, what they are likely to say to you and what you can do to avoid being caught out.

You can even order a handy “no cold calling” pack, particularly useful for the elderly.

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