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Cousins Super Apex 8×6 Shed Installation in Horsham

Here’s an installation of 8×6 Cousins Super Apex shed that we installed for a customer in Horsham, West Sussex. The Cousins Super Apex shed features 12mm softwood, x4 windows and was installed on to a pressure treated timber base which was levelled on to an existing concrete base.

8×6 Cousins Super Apex
8Ft Softwood shelf
12mm Softwood
Timber Base 50mm x 75mm Levelled onto existing concrete
Good Quality Felted Roof
Timber Roof and Floor, No Chipboard!
Installed by Cousins Installers
Installed on to Cousins Timber Frame Base

All of the windows on this building are glass, we don’t use perspex!
Assassi (2) Window View

The door always has 3 hinges, most alternatives online have 2. The third hinge in the middle helps with the stability and longevity of the door.
Door View

We have also fitted an 8′ shelf in this shed, it fits perfectly underneath the windows so you could even use as a potting bench!
Assassi (3) Shelf Inside

This was the survey photo, as you can see the concrete isn’t quite level and there is a ridge around the edge where a previous building once was.
Survey Picture of Concrete Base

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Super Apex Shed Special Offer

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