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Power Sheds

The UK's most adaptable shed range

Power Sheds - The UK's Most Adaptable Shed

We offer a FREE home survey to advise the most suitable type of building and can advise on things like bases, position and maintenance.

High Grade Scandinavian Timber

Tounge and groove throughout - walls, floor and roof.

Superior Product Differences

10 year guarantee - high grade timber, toughened glass, and much more.

The UK's Most Adaptable Shed

Modular flexibility - assemble the doors and windows in the configuration you want.

Power Apex 4×4 – 20×8

Power Pent 4×4 – 20×6

Power Potting Shed Pent 4×6 – 20×6

Power Potting Pent 4×4 – 20×8

Power Security Pent 4×4 – 20×6

Power Bike Store Apex or Pent 2×6 – 6×6

Power Pub Shed

Power Pub Shed Inside Shot

Powersheds Pub Shed Decorated to Firebird Brewery Banner and Drinks at our Horsham Showsite - Cousins Conservatories and Garden Buildings (8)

Power Pub Shed Bar

What Makes a Powershed Different?

All Powersheds come with the following features as standard.

Power 10 Year Guarantee

Power is one of the few ranges that offer a 10 year guarantee. As long as you have a solid base eg paving or concrete and plenty of space around and keep up regular maintenance then we will always answer any queries that you have or arrange a service call visit.

Fast Delivery for DIY Installation

The standard lead time on a Powershed is 3 working days. You can even specify a specific date.

Galvanised Ironmongery

The ironmongery used is galvanised with a chrome finish. The advantages of chrome is definitely its longevity and low maintenance. With a squirt of WD-40 every so offer the chrome lasts and looks great. All of the doors on Power sheds have 3 hinges, alot only have one top and bottom but having a hinge in the middle stops any movement of the door and warping in the middle.

Scandinavian Timber

The timber used for Power sheds is Scandinavian which is responsibly sourced and grown and plenty of trees are re-planted. Using a higher quality timber means that you don’t get issues with warping and shrinkage as much as you would on a lower grade of timber. The cladding is 12mm as standard which is an industry standard that helps with the strength of the building.

Corner Bracing

A unique feature on the Power sheds is the cross bracing on the corner of the panels. Each corner features a diagonal cross braced which stops any twisting or movement of the shed panel. Over a long period of time sheds without cross bracing can “lean” which would then need retrospective cross bracing fitted. It’s better to get it right first time!

Tongue & Groove Throughout

All power sheds have tongue and groove floor, walls and roof. A lot of sheds are supplied with chipboard or solid boarded floors and roofing, you tend to find with this type of flooring if it gets damp or if it isn’t fitted level it splits or warps or in a worse case scenario it can dissolve leaving holes in your floor or roof. We always used tongue and groove which is fully joined inside and out, there are various options of featheredge or overlap cladding but this isn’t fully joined which can lead to gaps appearing. Always go for tongue and groove, never compromise on this.

Premium “Super” Felt

The roofing felt supplied has a membrane inside which means it needs to be cut with a knife and is much tougher than standard felt that is supplied with a lot of sheds. Make sure when fitting the felt to allow a generous overlap on the felt, 100mm is an ideal amount.

Heavy Duty Framing

The framing on Power sheds is heavier duty than standard sheds. It is 44mm x 58mm as a standard feature. Having a thicker frame helps for fitting shelving and staging or tool hooks.

Advanced Preserver

The preservative used on Powersheds is oil based which means that for a year after installation it doesn’t need re-treating. A lot of suppliers recommend re-treating your new shed within a month but with a power shed that isn’t the case.

Adaptable Configuration

A massive advantage of the power sheds is the adaptable configuration. You can configure the door/s and windows where you want within the configuration of the building. Within reason you can have your own unique configuration for your shed so it fits where you need it to go and allows maximum usage. You can hang the door to the left or right so you can have the door opening whichever way is more convenient for the location.

Toughened Glass

As standard power sheds come with toughened glass. The main advantage of toughened glass is the safety aspect. If it does break it breaks into small cubes whereas horticultural glass breaks into dangerous shards. The toughened glass is also slightly thicker which helps with the temperature control in the shed.

Sizes & Configuration Guide
Typical building sizes and configurations

Whilst all our buildings are made to order here is a list of standard sizes available on most buildings. We can offer various designs and layout options to best suit your needs including window and door positions. If you are interested in a particular building either visit our showcentre or call us on 01403 255 456 or complete our online enquiry form for more information.

Frequently asked questions

The entire Power sheds range are made from high quality Scandinavian timber.

Power sheds are available in a huge variety of sizes. From 4′ x 4′ up to 20′ x 4′. 

Yes. We recommend using floor bearers for the entire Power Sheds range. This is because the floor joists are not pressure treated and are therefore not suitable to be placed directly on the ground. All of our floor bearers are pressure treated and will last a long time.

Yes all Power sheds come with toughened glass as standard. None of our buildings are supplied with perspex, apart from our playhouse range.

No. None of the buildings in the Power Sheds range have any parts made from chipboard. If you read online that a building has “solid sheet” floors or roofs this typically means that they are made from chipboard. Chipboard products will not last as long as solid timber. If you ever have problems with damp you’ll find your chipboard disintegrating. 

The best type of base would be one made from paving slabs or a solid concrete. We also recommend our “Cousins Easi-Base System made from 50 x 75mm sawn pressure treated timber with 80mm screws for fixing.