Power Summerhouses

Premium contemporary style Summerhouses

Power Summerhouses

Get ready for Summer with the powersheds range of premium contemporary style Summerhouses. Joiner made full pane doors included as standard.

High Grade Scandinavian Timber

Tounge and groove throughout - walls, floor and roof.

Superior Product Differences

10 year guarantee - high grade timber, toughened glass, and much more.

The UK's Most Adaptable Summerhouse

Modular flexibility - assemble the doors and windows in the configuration you want.

Power Apex Summerhouses

Power Pent Summerhouses

Frequently asked questions

The entire Power sheds range are made from high quality Scandinavian timber.

Power sheds are available in a huge variety of sizes. From 4′ x 4′ up to 20′ x 4′. 

Yes. We recommend using floor bearers for the entire Power Sheds range. This is because the floor joists are not pressure treated and are therefore not suitable to be placed directly on the ground. All of our floor bearers are pressure treated and will last a long time.

Yes all Power sheds come with toughened glass as standard. None of our buildings are supplied with perspex, apart from our playhouse range.

No. None of the buildings in the Power Sheds range have any parts made from chipboard. If you read online that a building has “solid sheet” floors or roofs this typically means that they are made from chipboard. Chipboard products will not last as long as solid timber. If you ever have problems with damp you’ll find your chipboard disintegrating. 

The best type of base would be one made from paving slabs or a solid concrete. We also recommend our “Cousins Easi-Base System made from 50 x 75mm sawn pressure treated timber with 80mm screws for fixing.