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Regency Notton Shed Installation in Roffey

Here’s a Regency Notton Shed (12′ x 8′) that we recently installed for a customer in Roffey, West Sussex.

We have a Regency Notton Shed on display at our showcentre

Regency Notton Shed 12’ x 8’ in Softwood Installation in Roffey
Windows Low Side – Non Standard Position – Designed by customer
Doors Low Side – Non Standard Position 7’ from one end, 4’6” from other
Extra height on back panel only to increase pitch to roof
Installed by Cousins Installers
Toughened glass as standard
Timber Base Construction by Cousins own contractor
Installed on to customers own concrete paved base

Internal Staging - Egan

Left View Notton 12x8 - Egan

Notton 12x8 Black - Egan

Powershed Pent 6x4 Black - Egan

Right View Notton 12x8 - Egan

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