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The Regency range of Summerhouses offer great value for money.

Regency Summerhouses

We offer a FREE home survey to advise the most suitable type of building and can advise on things like bases, position and maintenance.

Made to measure service

We make buildings of all shapes and sizes. From sheds to greenhouses, workshops to garages, whatever it is you require, we’re confident we can help.

Garden Building Bases

From concrete, timber frame and paving slabs. We can provide base works for any size of building.

Installation Service

We offer a full installation service and have a dedicated team of installers. We can even arrange the safe removal of old buildings.

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Regency Valencia Summerhouse

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Regency Extras - Summerhouse Optional Upgrades

There are many ways to upgrade the standard Regency garden buildings. Some of the options below can be seen on our case studies.

1 - Single Shed Door

1 – Single Shed Door

On a summerhouse you may want a shed style access door particularly on a larger summerhouse this is a popular option. This door can be positioned wherever you would like on the building within reason, the only restriction would be a lower eaves height. You may have to go for the extra height to facilitate this.

2 – Double Doors

If the single door isn’t wide enough you, you may consider a double shed style door upgrade. This will give you an extra width to get things in and out of your summerhouse or storage section.

3 - Extra Glazed Timber Door

3 – Extra Glazed Timber Door

Most summerhouses come with a double door as standard, some with a single. If you wanted to add an additional glazed summerhouse door this would help bring extra light in to the building plus allows you another entry and exit option.

4 - Extra Glazed Timber Doors

4 – Extra Glazed Timber Doors

With glazed double doors you can really open up your summerhouse. This is a much cheaper option than a bi-folding door if you really want to open your building up to the outside and your garden.

5 – Higher Door

5 – Higher Door

If you are storing taller items or are a taller person then the higher door would be a great option. The door itself would be fully framed so even being taller it wouldn’t affect the doors integrity or strength.

6 – Wider Door

6 – Wider Door

When taking furniture into a summerhouse the wider door really is a great option if there isn’t enough space for a double door.

7 – Open Existing Window

If you have a fixed window in your building that doesn’t open that you would like to open this is the option for you! The opening windows supplied are a joinery made framework so are of the highest quality.

8 – Deeper Georgian Window

8 – Deeper Georgian Window

If the standard Georgian windows on the summerhouse that you are looking at aren’t deep enough we can increase the Georgian grid by a row. This helps in a number of ways including letting extra light into the building and giving the building more of a studio look from the outside.

9 – Glass to Ground Double Doors

9 – Glass to Ground Double Doors

If the standard doors included are half glazed and you would like to go for the modern glass to ground style this is the option that you would go for. The glass to ground double doors are a very modern and contemporary option.

10 – Increased Height 1 Board

To increase the height by a board is an ideal solution if you need extra eaves height for internal storage or furniture. This option pairs well with the higher door option. A board is typically around 4 inches or 150mm.

11 – 2×2 Framework

The 2×2 framing option is ideal if you want extra thick framing to fix things too eg shelving, storage units or even a television or artwork. The standard framing on most buildings is 2×1 which is fine but if you want to go for that next level up then the 2×2 framing is a great option.

12 – Felt Tiles

The standard roofing material on any summerhouse is a felted roof. The felt tiles are in effect a sturdier thicker felt made either into a shaped or square finish. You can choose from colours including black, grey, red and green and we would be confident if you go for this option you wouldn’t ever have to re-roof your building again. When fitting the tiles we use numerous felting tacks which are hidden when the next row up are fitted, when it warms up the tiles stick together. This option is the best for budget with the most longevity.

13 – Cedar Shingles

13 – Cedar Shingles

The cedar shingle roofing is an extra layer on top of the standard roof, it is in effect a framed panel that sits on top of the roof so you end up with a double thickness finish on your roof. On the joins of the roof we use cedar capping which really sets it off. This roofing gives the impression of a real building as opposed to more a shed type building. The cedar that we use is a high graded cedar, be aware some companies use a lower grade of cedar that can curl or warp when it gets really hot and sunny. Another advantage of the cedar roof is the fact that it is maintenance free as cedar doesn’t have knots in the wood which really helps its strengths and longevity.

14 – Cedar Slatted Roof

On any Regency building you can have the option of lining and insulation. In effect this can turn a summerhouse into a garden room that can be used all year round. Things that we include include all internal trims and beading including a finished skirting which really makes this a one stop shop for an all year round room. On an average building you would have 12mm cladding, 45mm insulation and 12mm internal boarding. This gives an overall thickness of around 69mm which is very substantial. If you decide not to go for this at the time of order it is possible to add retrospectively but this task is a lot more labour intensive. If ordered with this Regency pre-line and insulate the panels at the factory so when installed it saves lots of time.

15 – Lining & Insulation

If you don’t want the pine finish and would like an internal painted finish this is the option that you would look at. Some people argue it has more of a finished room feel to it which may well be the case, creams and whites are very popular choice of colour for this option.

16 – Painted MDF Lining & Insulationd

The standard finish is Regency Golden Oak treatment but if you would like a factory applied high quality paint this is the option that you should go for. We have lots of colours that you can choose from and because the paint is micro porous so any water runs straight off, it doesn’t get a chance to soak into the wood. We have sold painted finishes on buildings that 5-6 years later still look like new!

17 – Painted 1 Colour

18 – Painted Highlighted Doors & Windows

If you go for the painted option but really want to make a feature of your building then going for highlighted doors and windows would be the best way to do this. Most of the time customers go for a colour such as Green, Brown or Blue then have White or Cream doors and windows as these colours really set each other off.

19 – Solid Partition inc Door

19 – Solid Partition inc Door

With a larger building you may want to split it down into a storage section and a summerhouse section. This option makes this possible. In effect an extra end is fitted inside the building and a shed door is then fitted the other side of partition to give you a multipurpose building. This type of building has become more and more popular over recent years as it saves the need for 2 buildings and maximises the available space.

20 – Window Box

20 – Window Box

If you want a more traditional look why not add a window box? Usually positioned underneath a window you can have bedding plants in here which give that summerhouse a really garden feel. We would always recommend lining your window boxes as if you don’t they tend to rot after a certain amount of time so just watch out for this. A plastic lining would suffice.

Sizes & Configuration Guide
Typical building sizes and configurations

Whilst all our buildings are made to order here is a list of standard sizes available on most buildings. We can offer various designs and layout options to best suit your needs including window and door positions. If you are interested in a particular building either visit our showcentre or call us on 01403 255 456 or complete our online enquiry form for more information.

Frequently asked questions

The main difference is quality. The standard Regency softwood is standard treated timber with a 12mm thickness, the deluxe is also treated in 20mm thickness and Cedar is a premiere wood finish which is extremely low maintenance.Β 

Yes. The vast majority of our garden buildings are with Regency being no exception. Our best advice is to visit our showcentre to see the buildings on display and let us provide you with a design based on your dimensions.

All Regency garden buildings are built with 2×1 framework as standard. You can upgrade the framework for your building to 2×2 or even 2×3 for extra rigidity. This will very much depend on the size of your building or is it needs to be extra secure.

Yes. All Regency garden buildings can be made to satisfy planing rules.Β 

The best type of base would be one made from paving slabs or a solid concrete slab. We also recommend our β€œCousins Easi-Base System made from 50 x 75mm sawn pressure treated timber with 80mm screws for fixing.