Robinsons Greenhouses

All Robinsons greenhouses are made in their factory in Staffordshire

Robinsons Greenhouses

We supply and install the entire range of Robins Greenhouses.

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We make all our garden workshops in all shapes and sizes. Let us know your requirements and we'll provide a free quotation.

Garden Building Bases

From concrete, timber frame and paving slabs. We can provide base works for any size of building.

Installation Service

We offer a full installation service and have a dedicated team of installers. We can even arrange the safe removal of old buildings.

Robinsons Renaissance Octagonal Greenhouses

Renaissance Octagonal

Neat, stylish and available in three different widths, Robinsons Renaissance Octagonal aluminium greenhouse will enhance any garden and provide maximum growing room in the minimum of space. With a flexible choice of staging and shelving, and with the highest eaves (1.95m 6ft 4) of all our models, Renaissance greenhouses offer you plenty of headroom to garden in comfort without crouching or stooping.

Available sizes

The renaissance range is available in x4 standard sizes – 5’7, 7’7, 9’7 & 11’8 with a depth of 5’7 and eaves height of 6’4.

Robinsons Regent Greenhouses

Regent greenhouses

Ideal for the smaller garden where space is at a premium, Robinsons Regent range of aluminium greenhouses come in a standard width of 6’5¾” (1.97m) and a variety of lengths. The Regent greenhouses feature a 2’ (61cm) lockable single door and a ground-level threshold for easy wheelbarrow or wheelchair access. While Regent greenhouses may have a small footprint, they’re generous in headroom, with a full 5’6½” (1.69m) working height at the eaves. Unlike inferior greenhouses Robinsons’ strength overcomes the need to fit obtrusive front to rear rails enabling you to maximise the growing space. The optional staging and shelving is height adjustable and features canti-lever bracing that agian helps maximise the use of space.

Available sizes

The Regent range is available in x5 standard sizes – 6’7, 8’8, 10’8, 12’8, & 14’8. Each greenhouse is 6’5 wide with an eaves height of 5’6.

Robinsons Royale Greenhouses

Regent greenhouses

Generous proportions and flexibility make Royale greenhouses the most popular model in our aluminium greenhouse range. At a full 8’6¼” (2.59m) wide, Royale greenhouses are available in a variety of lengths and feature lockable, sliding double doors and a ground-level threshold to ensure easy access for wheelbarrows or wheelchairs. You can also choose to include an extra fully-glazed partition with a single sliding door in order to divide your greenhouse into two distinct zones or minimise heating costs over the winter.

Available sizes

The Royale range is available in x9 standard sizes – 6’7, 8’8, 10’8, 12’8, & 14’9, 16’9, 18’9, 20’10, & 22’10. Each greenhouse is 8’6 wide with an eaves height of 5’6.

Robinsons Rosette Greenhouses

Regent greenhouses

Whether you are an enthusiastic amateur or a professional nursery grower, Robinsons Rosette aluminium greenhouses offer classic proportions and all the growing space you could need, with an impressive width of 10’7” (3.2m) and a choice of six lengths, including 18’9” (5.7m). Height adjustable staging can be positioned on both sides of the greenhouse and double sliding doors with a ground-level threshold make it easy to wheel garden machinery in and out. Rosette greenhouses can also be fitted with a fully-glazed partition to provide a segregated propagation area, with a choice of either single or double doors.

Available sizes

The Rosette range is available in x9 standard sizes – 8’8, 10’8, 12’8, 14’9, 16’9, 18’9, 20’10, 22’10 & 24’11. Each greenhouse is 10’7 wide with an eaves height of 5’6.

Robinsons Regal Greenhouses

Regal greenhouse

Regal greenhouses are the widest, most robust model in our range, offering a width of 12’7” (3.8m) and available in any length starting from 8’8 1/8” (2.6m) and continuing upwards in increments of 2’ (0.6m). To reinforce the frame, ridge and eaves braces have been applied to every set of glazing bars and extra structural rigidity has been added to the door gable. A continuous concrete or brick perimeter footing is essential with a structure of this size, giving you an exceptionally strong and durable greenhouse.

Available sizes

The Regal range is available in x9 standard sizes – 8’8, 10’8, 12’8, 14’9, 16’9, 18’9, 20’10, 22’10 & 24’11. Each greenhouse is 12’7 wide with an eaves height of 5’6.

Robinsons Lean-to Greenhouses

Lean-to greenhouse

When space is limited or you would like your greenhouse to be close to your house, Lean To greenhouses are the perfect solution. Ideally, Lean To greenhouses should be fixed to a south facing wall, which acts like a radiator – absorbing the sun’s heat during the day and slowly releasing it at night. The door can be fitted at either end of your Lean To greenhouse. If you are buying a 6’ wide model, the door can be placed on the side and you can choose between a single or double sliding doors.

Available sizes

The Lean-to range is available in x4 standard sizes – 6’7, 8’7, 10’8 & 12’8. Each greenhouse is 5’4 deep with an eaves height of 8’5.

Frequently asked questions

The main reason people go for aluminium is the maintenance aspect. They are virtually maintenance free and look as good as new with a clean once in a while. Robinson’s now supply all greenhouses with a metal bar capping which unlike the older style PVCu capping holds its colour and doesn’t fade.

The box profile is unique to Robinsons. It creates a far sturdier frame which is particularly resistant to twisting which is vital in windy conditions.

The Robinsons range are available in x5 different colour options including; Old Cottage Green, Pastel Sage, Ivory, Anthracite and Class White.