Robinsons Rushby Greenhouse Installation

Here’s a Robinsons Rushby Greenhouse (9′ x 12′) in Ivory we installed for a customer in Holmwood, Surrey. The Robinsons Rushby is the dwarf wall version of the Radley model. This particular project involved the modification and part reconstruction of an existing, and rather old, brick wall.

  • Robinsons Rushby Greenhouse (9′ x 12′) in Ivory
  • Made from Aluminium
  • Installed by Cousins Installers
  • 10 Year Guarantee
  • Fully lockable with key and door handle
  • Toughened glass as standard
  • Base installed by Cousins own contractor
  • 8′ Shelf
  • 8′ Staging both sides
  • Automatic Roof Vents as Standard
  • Louvre Windows as Standard

Jordan New Greenhouse Completed

Here are some images taken at the time of our free site survey.
Jordan Existing Greenhouse Base Before Construction

Jordan Existing Greenhouse Base Closeup

Jordan Existing Greenhouse Base Side View

Jordan Existing Greenhouse Base

Jordan Greenhouse Survey Picture

Jordan New Greenhouse Completed